Team Agile

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The following is a list of components, frameworks and source code developed by Team Agile for the benefit of the developer community. They are all free to download and use with no royalty fees whatsoever.

  • XT-Unit

XtUnit is a unit testing extension for .Net based frameworks. It uses the interception application block to provide runtime abilities of rolling back any changes that were made to the database during Data related unit tests.


  • Interception Application Block

The interception application block allows the developer to easily add interception abilities to various classes in the framework. It's as easy as inheriting from a class and overriding two methods.


  • Extensibility Application Block

The extensibility block provides basic classes and means to load and search for plugins for your application. Using it you can just use search classes and loader classes that make the best use of reflection and loading behavior on the .NET platform to create a truly pluggable application.

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