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This page contains a list of the services we provide with short descriptions on each one. For more information on any of these, or if you'd like to create a customized training plan for your special team, give us a ping at We'll be glad to help out!

  • Training and Coaching - Agile Methdologies and Techniques
  • Training, Consulting and Development  - .NET
    • Moving to .NET 2.0 (C# and VB.NET)
    • Advanced .NET 1.1 &  2.0 Classes
    • Architecture & Design Consulting and Mentoring
    • Design Patterns & Enterprise Design Patterns
    • Build your own course!
    • More..
  • CTO for a day
    • Interview and filter candidates for .NET, VB, Java & C++ related positions
    • Asses a potential vendor's technological knwoledge in software development
    • Help decide important design and architecture issues and considerations


Consulting and mentoring - .NET

We provide consulting for companies on topics such as :

  • .NET application architecture and design
  • Coding best practices and standards
  • Moving from .NET 1.1 to .NET 2.0
  • Involvement in all stages of your project including custom development jobs of specialized infrastructure
  • Developing an infrastructure for your project's testing and integration needs
  • Configuration management - We'll teach you and even help you build a full configuration and integration management solution, to help your project with Automated builds and Continuous Integration - one of the core practices of Agile development. 
  • Standard Q&A consulting - you have questions about various .NET or other development topics; We've got the answers.

Seminars and courses

Agile Skills

  • 1 day seminar - Agile development concepts   (VB, C++, Java, .NET)

          Treat yourself and your team to a day of exploring new possibilities and ways of thinking. Learn how Agile methdologies such as eXtreme Programming, Scrum and others are trying to help your development experience and your customers. Learn the differences between Waterfall Engineering and Agile methdologies and see concrete examples of basic Test Driven Development scenarios. In the second half of the day your team will try hands-on to develop a simple project using test driven development and pair programming, lead by an experienced Agile instructor.

  • 1 day seminar  - In depth unit testing   (VB, C++, Java, .NET)

          Your team decided they want to use NUnit, mbUnit ,csUnit, CPPUnit,JUnit or some other unit testing framework. Now what? This one day seminar will start them off just right, giving them the development concepts, standards and technique they need in order to maximize the potential of the chosen framework. Learn how to do Unit testing in real-world scenarios, understand the value of Mock objects and when *not* to use them, and make sure you start things off right on your new project. We have the in-depth knowledge of those frameworks and we'll make sure you learn the things you need to know most, first. The seminar includes in-depth lectures and hands-on training. The seminar also shows the techniques for Test Driven Development.

  • 3 day Advanced Agile development workshop   (VB, C++, Java, .NET)

After learning the basics of the 1 day seminar, learn how to apply real-world concepts to your development process. Learn how to use Mock objects, test your data layer and web services and many other techniques that will help you in the real world of software development. Each day is full of hands-on training and mentoring, team mates doing pair programming and solving more and more complex tasks.

  • 5 day Agile Incubator   (VB, C++, Java, .NET)

The 5 day incubator for you team adds to the 3 day seminar the following topics:

- A full day on continuous integration and build management

- Testing Win and web interfaces

- A real-world project to be developed

Contact us at for more information and pricing.


.Net architecture and best practices

1 day seminar - .NET development best practices

          In this extensive 1 day seminar we'll show you best practices relating to data access management, design patterns, safer coding guidelines and many other things every .Net developer should know before they start work on a real-life application. Materials covered include: ADO.Net best practices, essential design patterns, Defensive event management, .Net Application blocks (and preview of Enterprise application block), SQL tips and tricks and more...    The seminar is available in both C# and VB.NET language flavors.

1 day seminar - Preparing for .NET 2.0

          This one day seminar explores the various new features in the .NET framework 2.0 including CLR enhancements, language enhancements and IDE enhancements.  Topics include, but not limited to: Framework: Anonymous methods, partial classes, generics, iterators, ADO.NET, System.Transactions IDE: Refactoring, debugging, testing. Language enhancements  - per required language.   Also - preparing for indigo today. Your developers will be more ready and know how to write better code today to prepare for tomorrow. The seminar is available in both C# and VB.NET language flavors.

1 day seminar - Design Patterns applied in .NET (.NET 1.1 or 2.0)

           This one day seminar explores the various design patterns that are available today for developers, touching on the most essential patterns and giving real-life examples of applying them. Most of the "Gang-Of-Four" patterns are shown with .NET code included for examples. Topics include but not limited to: Singleton, Command, Chain of responsibility, Decorator and more. All students will have the chance to try out hands-on these in class. 

Contact us at for more information and pricing.

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